Hungarian Regional Science Association (HRSA)

7621 Pécs, Papnövelde u. 22.
H-7601 Pécs, P.O. Box 199.

IBAN: HU37 50800111-11090603-00000000

Tel: +36 (72) 523 800




Annual meetings

The HRSA organizes annual meetings, which were as follows:

  • 2018 Flows in the spatial economy (in Kecskemét, in co-operation with John von Neumann University Faculty of Economics and Business)
  • 2017 The Dualities of Regional Science and Studies (in Mosonmagyaróvár, in co-operation with Széchenyi István University Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences)
  • 2016 The Role of Small and Medium Sized Cities in Regional Development (in Oradea, Romania, in co-operation with Partium Christian University)
  • 2015 Regional Processes of Central and Eastern Europe, 1990–2015 (in Eger, in co-operation with Eszterházy Károly College)
  • 2014 Local development (in Veszprém, in co-operation with University of Pannonia)
  • 2013 The New European Cohesion Policy (in Kaposvár, in co-operation with Kaposvár University)
  • 2012 Regional science today and tomorrow (in Győr, in co-operation with Széchenyi István University)
  • 2011 The role of waters in spatial development – Development problems and opportunities of the Danube and Tisza regions (in Komárno, Slovakia, in co-operation with Selye János University)
  • 2010 The role of knowledge in regional development (in Debrecen, in co-operation with University of Debrecen)
  • 2009 Cross-border and transnational cooperation (in Subotica, Serbia, in co-operation with RSA, Subotica)
  • 2008 New elements in rural development (in Gödöllő, in co-operation with Szent István University)
  • 2007 The role of industry in regional development (in Miskolc, in co-operation with University of Miskolc)
  • 2006 The role of cities in regional development (in Szeged, in co-operation with University of Szeged)
  • 2005 Regional Transition in the Carpathian Basin (in Sopron, in co-operation with the West-Hungarian University)
  • 2004 Regional development and planning (in Nyíregyháza, in co-operation with the College of Nyíregyháza)
  • 2003 Future of the Hungarian regionalism (in Pécs, in co-operation with the Centre for Regional Studies of HAS)

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