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Pro Regional Science Award

The Pro Regional Science Award was established in 2012. The Hungarian Regional Science Association granted Pro Regional Science Award to Scientific Advisor of Institute for Regional Studies, Prof. Gyula Horváth in order to acknowledge his outstanding research, educational and science building activities. The HRSA grants this title to a natural person whose outstanding activities contribute to the development of regional science and the realisation of the objectives of the Association. The General Assembly decides about its holder based on the propositions of the Presidency. The Award was granted for the first time during the 10th Annual Meeting of HRSA on November 22, 2012.


The Pro Regional Science Award was granted for the second time during the 12th Annual Meeting of HRSA on November 27, 2014 to the late Prof. Attila Buday-Sántha, vice-president of HRSA who passed away tragically on May 17, 2014.


The Pro Regional Science Award is the creation of Péter Botos Ferenczy Noémi-Prize glass sculptor.

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