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Hungarian Regional Science Association 16th Annual Meeting

Flows in the spatial economy

Kecskemét, 18–19 October 2018

John von Neumann University Faculty of Economics and Business


Report: On October 18–19, 2018 the 16th Annual Conference of the HRSA was held in Kecskemét with the focus on the flows in the spatial economy. 200 participants attended the conference, among others 10 experts from abroad. The keynote speakers were Prof. David Bailey (Aston University, UK), Andrea Morrison (Utrecht University) and Magdona Sass (HAS Centre for Economic and Regional Studies). On the conference 16 parallel sessions (3 in English) hosted 140 presentations. The traditional 'Young Regional Scientist' prize and 'Pro Regional Science Award' were delivered.

                                                                        Presentations are available on the Hungarian website.


John von Neumann University / Neumann János Egyetem
Faculty of Economics and Business / Gazdaságtudományi Kar

6000 Kecskemét, Izsáki út 10. Map


PROGRAMME 18 October 2018

10.00 General meeting (for HRSA members)

10.30 Roundtable discussion on the scientific publications (with Professor David Bailey)

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Annual meeting

13.15 Plenary session 1 (in English)

David Bailey Professor, Aston University; Editor in Chief, Regional Studies
Industry 4.0 and implications for industrial policy (including in Hungary)

Andrea Morrison Associate Professor, Utrecht University
Migration and Innovation in the Age of Mass Migration

Magdolna Sass Senior Research Fellow, HAS Institute of Economics
Who really invests in East Central Europe?

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Parallel sessions (6 in Hungarian, 2 in English)

19.00 Reception


PROGRAMME  19 October 2018

9.00 Parallel sessions (7 in Hungarian, 1 in English)

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Plenary session 2 (in Hungarian)

Lóránt Dávid Professor, Eötvös Loránd University — Imre Varga Associate Professor, Eötvös Loránd University
The regional processes of the labor market in Western Hungary

Imre Lengyel Professor, University of Szeged — Attila Varga Professor, University of Pécs
The role of geography in Hungarian economic growth

Round table discussion: Erika Nagy, Ernő Molnár and János Péter Kiss.

12.50 Prize award ceremony

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Sightseeing tour in Kecskemét downtown

15.00 Visit to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét


13 parallel sessions are organized in Hungarian, 3 parallel sessions are in English.

18 October 2018 16.00-18.00

2nd   session: Innovation, knowledge and networks   (Room 309)

       Chair: Balázs Lengyel Senior Research Fellow, MTA KRTK KTI

László Czaller, Eötvös Loránd University
Agglomeration, offshoring and technological change

Attila Varga – Tamás Sebestyén – László Szerb – Norbert Szabó, University of Pécs
Estimating the economic impacts of knowledge network and entrepreneurship development in smart specialization policy

Andrea Morrison – Dario Diodato, Utrecht University
Technological regimes and the long-run dynamics of patents’ spatial concentration.

Sándor Juhász, MTA KRTK KTI – Tom Brökel
Individual genius or genius collaboration? Exploring the role of collaboration, geography and complexity for technological development

Gergő Tóth, MTA KRTK KTI – Sándor Juhász – Zoltán Elekes, University of Szeged – Balázs Lengyel
Inventor collaboration and its’ persistence across European regions

László Gadár – Zsolt Kosztyán – János Abonyi, University of Pannonia
Measurement of regional attractiveness based on company-ownership networks

Brigitta Németh, MTA KRTK KTI – László Lőrincz
Network effects in internal migration

Gergő Tóth – Johannes Wachs – Bence Ságvári – Balázs Lengyel, MTA KRTK KTI
The hypothesis of endogenous network fragmentation: social networks and income inequalities

4th    session: Central and Eastern European regions on crossroads   (Room 406)

      Chair: Zoltán Gál Professor, President of HRSA  Co-Chair: Andrea Éltető, MTA KRTK

Gergő Medve-Bálint, MTA TK Centre for Social Sciences
Implementing EU cohesion policy in the Eastern periphery: domestic quality of government striking the balance between equity and efficiency

Géza Salamin, Corvinus University of Budapest
’EUropeanization’ of spatial planning in Central and Eastern European Countries

Balázs Páger, MTA KRTK Institute for Regional Studies
The role of entrepreneurial ecosystem in the presence of productive firms in CEE regions

Gábor Lux, MTA KRTK Institute for Regional Studies
Can medium-sized domestic enterprises reduce the FDI-dependency of Hungarian manufacturing?

Andrea Éltető – Beáta Udvari, MTA KRTK Institute of World Economics
Factors influencing the export of Hungarian SMEs – compared to other Visegrád countries

Dóra Szendi, University of Miskolc
Patterns of the added value and the innovation in Europe – with special regards on the metropolitan regions of CEE

Katalin Döbrönte, Eötvös Loránd University
The economic position and possibilities of Central-Eastern European regions in the advanced producer service company networks

Devesh Singh, Kaposvár University – Zoltán Gál, MTA KRTK Institute for Regional Studies
Industrial agglomeration and location choice in service sector: Case of India

Aigul Meirmanova, Miskolc University
Effectiveness of ICT in dissemination of agricultural information to smallholder farmers. A case study: Kazakhstan

19 October 2018 9.00-11.00

14th    session: Companies & host environments – Tendencies, actors & examples of corporate embeddedness   (Room 406)

       Chair: Józsa Viktória CEO, Nord Consult Kft.

Márta Nadabán Unit Process Manager, IT Services Hungary Kft., Debrecen
Embeddedness of IT Services Hungary Ltd. in the higher education system of Debrecen

János Gyurkovics Assistant Lecturer, University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Innovation performance from a network perspective: IT industry in Szeged

György Firbás International Logistic Expert, Senior Logistician of ELA, Zalaegerszeg
Small town on emerging course: Zalaegerszeg - A town among hills: from backyard to headlines

Dániel Zámbó Assistant of Commercial Plant Manager, Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft., Miskolc
Corporate embeddedness in regional economies and integration to labour market through education

Eszter Daruka – Katalin Pádár Assistant Lecturer, John von Neumann University, Kecskemét
Talent management of academics: A systematic literature review and implications for further research in Hungary

Judit Balogh Member of HCEMM Teaming Project, HCEMM Ltd., Szeged
Investigating potential effects of new European "teaming" actions on regional level

Ainura Shakenova PhD Student, Kaposvár University
Regional development of intellectual property in countries with transition economics

Ildikó Egyed Research Fellow, MTA KRTK Institute for Regional Studies
Innovation-driven economic modernisation: smarter or larger state?

Tamás Dusek Professor, Széchenyi István University Regional Science and Public Policy Department, Győr
Short reflection on the presentations

Viktória Józsa CEO, Nord Consult Kft., Budapest
Companies & host environments – Future research avenues of corporate embeddedness



Szilárd Rácz, HRSA secretary


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