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Hungarian Regional Science Association 12nd Annual Meeting

Local Development

Veszprém, 27–28 November 2014

University of Pannonia Faculty of Business and Economics


Report: On November 27-28, 2014, the 12th annual conference of the HRSA was held in Veszprém, Hungary. 157 participants attended the conference, among others 15 experts from abroad and 41 PhD students. Prof. Roberta Capello was the invited international keynote speaker of the conference. On the first day two plenary sessions were organized: the first in English, the second in Hungarian. The second day of the conference was focusing on the different aspects of local development. 12 parallel sessions (one in English) hosted more than 100 presentations with the participation of several invited speakers. The 'Pro Regional Science Award' and the traditional 'Young Regional Scientist' prize were delivered. Presentations and photo albums are available in the website of the association. The HRSA is going to hold its next annual meeting at the end of November, 2015 with the focus on the regional processes of Central and Eastern Europe.

PROGRAMME 27 November 2014


10.00 General meeting (for the members)

–        The activities of the Hungarian Regional Science Association since the 2013 general meeting
–        Discussion about the preliminary program in 2015
–        Reports of the regional branches

13.00 Annual meeting

Welcome speeches  Lajos Szabó Dean, University of Pannonia, Faculty of Business and Economics

Plenary session (in English)

Roberta Capello Professor, Politecnico di Milano; Past-president of Regional Science Association International
Is it worth investing in small and medium cities? Agglomeration economies revisited

Ádám Török Professor, University of Pannonia; General Secretary, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Competitiveness contexts of the Hungarian innovation and science policy

Zoltán Gál – Gábor Lux Senior Research Fellow; HAS CERS Institute for Regional Studies; Research Fellow, HAS CERS Institute for Regional Studies

Territorial scenarios for Central and Eastern Europe and their impacts on local and regional development

Plenary session (in Hungarian)

Bálint Csatári Former President, Hungarian National Rural Network
Local development from the rural point of view

Zoltán Bajmócy Associate Professor, University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
New trends in local developments

Cecília Mezei Research Fellow, HAS CERS Institute for Regional Studies
Local governments and local development

Szabolcs Hollósi Managing Director, BFH Európa Project Developing and Consulting Ltd.
The practice of local development

18.30 Pro Regional Science Award

18.40 Award of the Excellent Young Regionalist

19.00 Reception


PROGRAMME 28 November 2014


9.00 Parallel sessions      Session work with several invited speakers. Session 1-11 are organized in Hungarian, session 12 in English.

1     Local developments in the globalizing world, global–local relations
       József Nemes Nagy Professor, Eötvös Loránd University; Vice-president of HRSA

2     Local development strategies in city regions
       János Rechnitzer Professor, Széchenyi István University; President of HRSA

3     Smart  specialization of university cities
       Imre Lengyel Professor, University of Szeged; Vice-president of HRSA

4     Local governments, public utility service
       Zoltán Agg Editor-in-chief, Comitatus

5     Social development, innovations on the peripheries
       Éva G. Fekete Professor, University of Miskolc

6     Community-led local development, agriculture and rural development
       János Schwertner President, Academic Society for the Development of the Micro-regions

7     Social well-being and competitiveness
       Viktória Szirmai Professor, Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences

8     Local economic development, labour market, education and training
       Károly Fazekas General Director, HAS Centre for Economics and Regional Studies

9     Tourism as a tool of local development
       Tamás Molnár Associate Professor, University of Pannonia

10    Environmental factors, renewable energy and local development
       Viktor Varjú Research Fellow, HAS CERS Institute for Regional Studies

11    Borders, borderlands and local development
       Attila Fábián Dean, University of West Hungary Faculty of Economics

12    Local development in Central Europe (English session)
       Zoltán Gál Senior Research Fellow, HAS Institute for Regional Studies


Presentations and photo albums are available on the Hungarian website of the conference.

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